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29th September 2012
See my images in this new book!

Earlier this year I was contacted by author Susan McMullan to provide photography for her book: "Hamish McHamish of St Andrews Cool Cat About Town". The book is about a (real) ginger cat called Hamish who lives in St Andrews and is very popular with the many townspeople, students and tourists alike. Hamish has been wandering around the town for the past 13 years and has become a bit of a celebrity, with over 2,800 friends on Facebook!

As well as featuring photos of Hamish from the public, I have provided the "scenic" images of the town which Hamish visits in the book, including the castle, ruined cathedral, West Sands beach, the pier, museums and who couldn't forget that famous golf course! I am privileged to be the sole photographer of the scenic images in the book, of which there are 13 in total. Hamish provides snippets of information to the reader as he travels around the town to his favourite locations. Just a few of the images in the book are below.

The book is not yet released, but it is available to pre-order: